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How I Work. Me

As a Naturopath I integrate all three modalities I practice into one consultation.

If you book a consultation with me, you can expect the following:

  • To have a thorough assessment of your life patterns and daily routine
  • To receive individualised dietary advice based on your medical and family history, current state of health and lifestyle
  • To address any health issues you may have through dietary recommendations specific for you and to correct your nutritional status if it is out of balance
  • To be guided on natural detoxification, ways to support digestion and absorption, and the avoidance of environmental pollutants or allergens
  • To be advised in regard to the appropriate use of dietary supplements, vitamins and minerals as well as medicinal herbs
  • To be referred for further tests either through your GP or privately
  • To be recommended Bach Flower Essences to restore emotional well-being
  • For your personal and medical information to be treated with confidentiality

Unravelling each patient’s health issues and working through them is an individual process and I always tailor my approach to my clients’ individual needs, so the treatment programme will vary from person to person.

You will be asked to fill in a Health Assessment Questionnaire, keep a Food Diary for a week and highlight the symptoms you have in the Vitamin & Mineral Analysis sheet. I request that this information is e-mailed or posted to me to arrive at least 2 days prior to the initial consultation. This allows me to save your time and money during the consultation which will be mainly devoted to discussing and explaining the suggested treatment programme.

Please download these documents, fill them in, scan and return them to [email protected]:

1. Health Assessment Questionnaire

How I Work. Questionnaire

2. Food Diary (7 days)

How I Work. Food diary

3. Vitamin & Mineral Analysis (just highlight or tick the symptoms that you have on the left, don't worry about the figures on the right)

How I Work. Vit & Min Analysis

Alternatively, if you prefer to fill them in on your PC or laptop and e-mail them back, let me know and I shall e-mail them to you in Word format for your convenience.

My areas of special interest include women’s hormonal and gynaecological problems, improving digestion, cholesterol reduction by natural means, children’s ailments, diabetes type II prevention, improving energy levels and finding herbal and nutritional alternatives to antidepressant medication.


Marina has been an immeasurable help to me in my recovery from radiation and chemo trauma. She is a supremely kind and compassionate individual who really cares about helping her patients. I have been an incredibly complex case but Marina has always persevered to identify and work through my many layers of problems! I have recommended her to many friends and family, and would say that if you are not sure about seeing a naturopath, or are new to natural health and losing patience with the allopathic establishment - GO AND SEE MARINA.
Leah F.

Marina has been a great help to me and I will have no hesitation in going to her whenever I have any medical problems. She is very sympathetic and gave me a very in-depth consultation. I suffered from severe pre-menopausal symptoms including depression, now I am symptoms free - I only wish I had seen Marina before. Herbal tincture prepared by Marina helped me a lot. I got rid of my depression and all my other problems. She is very passionate about herbs, she has got exceptional listening skills. I would totally recommend Marina to anyone.
Еlena V.

Since a hysterectomy, resulting in a surgical menopause aged 45 yrs, I have had no help with my severe lack of energy, and very low mood, from the medical profession or various alternative therapy practitioners. So it was with reluctance that I had a consultation with Marina after a mutual friend suggested she might be able to help. The initial assessment was thorough. Having listened to my explanation of symptoms that I was still having ten years after the surgery, Marina calmly and gently prescribed tinctures, herbal teas and specific foods as well as changing my usual diet. I was at last able to address the physical and mental 'depression' I was experiencing. Within one month I was noticing an increase in energy levels and I was not feeling so low. My health has continued to improve over the next six months and I feel confident that I will never again feel as awful as I had felt. Marina was interested in my whole being and I was able to trust her confidentiality for her to then be able to suggest various remedies. Ultimately we discovered that a change of diet, based on the results from a food intolerance test and my blood group test, have relieved my symptoms brilliantly. I now have energy and a calm sense of being that I have not felt in years. Many, many thanks Marina!
Mrs. C-S

I just want to say thanks to Marina for her advice in helping my husband and I get pregnant. We took her advice and modified our diets, took the high quality supplements and herbal remedy she made up for us, and our second baby is due in a couple of months. I would be happy to recommend Marina to friends who are struggling with their fertility, and in fact have given her details to someone last night.
S. B.

When I went to see Marina, I was at my lowest point and at my biggest. I tried many different diets and the main ones that helped me lose the weight were the liquid ones, but I put all the weight back on and more. I went to see Marina because I was binge eating and could not control myself. She gave me a plan to follow and recommended vitamins that my body was lacking. I lost 8 lbs in my first week and I don't have the cravings anymore. I feel much calmer and happier.
P. A.